David Ko
MT-BC, Arranger/Composer, Voice Actor

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All prices are listed at a "per-minute" rate. Rates are rounded up after 30 seconds. 
(A commission lasting 3:48 at $50/minute would cost $200.)

A Cappella Arrangements:*

Number of Parts:


6-Part (SSATBB/SSSAAA/TTTBBB) + Solo $100/min
4-Part (SATB/SSAA/TTBB/Barbershop) + Solo $75/min
2/3-Part (SA/SSA/SAA) + Solo $50/min

Original Compositions (Choral/Instrumental):*

(Rates TBD)

* Average rates listed. Rates may be subject to change based on overall complexity of the arrangement/composition. If your school, company, or group cannot afford a particular commission, a new rate may be negotiated at the recipient's request. All rates must be agreed upon by all parties before the recipient receives any finished copy of an arrangement and/or composition.