Commission Information

All prices listed a "per-minute" rate. Rates can be further divided into "per-3o second" increments.

(Example: An a cappella arrangement lasting 3:37 at $100/minute would cost $300.)

A Cappella Arrangements*

(Arrangements and Transcriptions)

Original Compositions*

(Vocal, Instrumental, or Chiptune Music)

*Average rates listed

Rates may be subject to change based on overall complexity of the arrangement/composition. If your school, company, or group cannot afford a particular commission at the listed rates, a new rate may be negotiated at the recipient's request. All rates must be agreed upon by all parties before the recipient receives any finished copy of an arrangement and/or composition. All arrangements include a sound file (.wav/.mp3) and/or a data file (.ftm/.ogg/.musx/.midi).If the piece is composed for a choir, orchestra, or other musical group for performance purposes, a PDF of the completed sheet music can also be included at the recipient's request.