David Ko
MT-BC, Arranger/Composer, Voice Actor

A Cappella

A cappella is honestly one of my favorite things to arrange in the music world. There's a certain energy, a vivacity in popular a cappella that isn't always present in more traditional choral works.

Whenever I arrange something for an a cappella group, I like to take a few things into account:

   - Does the arrangement accurately represent the group performing it?
(Style/genre, emotional tone, voicing, etc.) 

   - What elements can be used to make this arrangement interesting?
(Overall arc of the song, opportunities for "wow" moments, possible vocal effects, interactions between parts, etc.) 

   - Is the piece fun for everyone involved?
(Does everyone get a time to do something unique to their voice part? Am I avoiding too much repetition?)

For me, a cappella is a naturally energetic art form. Whether that energy is being used to build drama and tension or to explode out into your performance space to entrance a crowd, it all comes down to whether or not the people singing the music are into what they're singing.

I always want to create something that, no matter the emotional tone of the arrangement, stays interesting and innovative for everyone in a group, from the soloist to the bass line.

Below are some samples of a cappella work that I have arranged in the past. Click on an album to learn more.

If you or your group is interested in commissioning an arrangement, head here for my traditional rates.

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